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St. Landry Cemetery


Tree: Imperial
Location : Latitude: 30.542562777982084, Longitude: -92.0788836479187


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andrus ne Forbes, Barbara Ann  21 Jan 2017St. Landry Cemetery I292 Imperial 
2 Ardoin, Estelle  St. Landry Cemetery I125 Imperial 
3 Beraud, Pierre Albert  St. Landry Cemetery I29 Imperial 
4 Berteau, Susan Edna  St. Landry Cemetery I2 Imperial 
5 Bertinot, Jule E.  St. Landry Cemetery I122 Imperial 
6 Bienvenu, Lionel J. M.D.  St. Landry Cemetery I100 Imperial 
7 Bordelon, Martha D.  St. Landry Cemetery I33 Imperial 
8 Bordelon, Oscar  St. Landry Cemetery I32 Imperial 
9 Bush, Mary Lola  St. Landry Cemetery I112 Imperial 
10 Cahanin, Gus A.  St. Landry Cemetery I88 Imperial 
11 Cahanin, Irene J.  St. Landry Cemetery I76 Imperial 
12 Cahanin, Lucille  St. Landry Cemetery I75 Imperial 
13 Caillouet, Hilda  St. Landry Cemetery I39 Imperial 
14 Castille, Henry L.  St. Landry Cemetery I102 Imperial 
15 Castille, Louis J.  St. Landry Cemetery I74 Imperial 
16 Castille, Lucius T.  St. Landry Cemetery I62 Imperial 
17 Castille, Marie Lucille  St. Landry Cemetery I104 Imperial 
18 Castille, Octave H.  St. Landry Cemetery I103 Imperial 
19 Castille ne Voorhies, Estelle  St. Landry Cemetery I63 Imperial 
20 Chachere, Felix  St. Landry Cemetery I115 Imperial 
21 Chachere, Lorenzo C.  St. Landry Cemetery I131 Imperial 
22 Chachere, Lucille Mills  St. Landry Cemetery I130 Imperial 
23 Chachere ne Meche, Marie  St. Landry Cemetery I116 Imperial 
24 Collins, Arthur P.  St. Landry Cemetery I51 Imperial 
25 Collins ne Ozenne, Camilia  St. Landry Cemetery I50 Imperial 
26 Crouchet, Henriette  St. Landry Cemetery I83 Imperial 
27 Cutrera, Helena B.  St. Landry Cemetery I54 Imperial 
28 Cutrera, Malcolm Lucien  St. Landry Cemetery I52 Imperial 
29 Cutrera, Sr., Budge (Biaggio)  St. Landry Cemetery I53 Imperial 
30 Daigle, Lena Marie  St. Landry Cemetery I136 Imperial 
31 David, Adolph J.  St. Landry Cemetery I57 Imperial 
32 David, Daisy C.  St. Landry Cemetery I58 Imperial 
33 Dejean, Bertha  St. Landry Cemetery I44 Imperial 
34 Dejean, Lilian Edwina  St. Landry Cemetery I37 Imperial 
35 Dejean, Theogene C.  St. Landry Cemetery I38 Imperial 
36 Dejean, Wellman L.  St. Landry Cemetery I43 Imperial 
37 Dejean, William C.  St. Landry Cemetery I41 Imperial 
38 Devillier, Adam Cleveland  St. Landry Cemetery I35 Imperial 
39 Devillier, Cless  St. Landry Cemetery I20 Imperial 
40 Devillier, Edna D.  St. Landry Cemetery I4 Imperial 
41 Devillier, Fern  St. Landry Cemetery I21 Imperial 
42 Devillier, T. A.  St. Landry Cemetery I1 Imperial 
43 Devillier, Vernon  St. Landry Cemetery I3 Imperial 
44 Devillier, Vincent  St. Landry Cemetery I5 Imperial 
45 Devillier ne Wyble, Elizabeth  St. Landry Cemetery I36 Imperial 
46 Dietlein, Christopher D.  St. Landry Cemetery I110 Imperial 
47 Dietlein, Frank J.  St. Landry Cemetery I109 Imperial 
48 Dietlein ne Durio, Felicia  St. Landry Cemetery I108 Imperial 
49 Dupre, Celimene  St. Landry Cemetery I171 Imperial 
50 Dupre, Cleophine  St. Landry Cemetery I172 Imperial 

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